Commander Innovations is an applied R&D and manufacturing company poised to dominate the emerging aerospace and vehicle Li-ion battery protection market, deploy next generation lightweight armor and other military components while also providing systems engineering and consulting services across multiple industry and client applications.

Forged in 2016 out of Detroit’s deep pool of manufacturing savvy engineers and product designers, COMMANDER INNOVATIONS has evolved into a full service, aerospace, military, automotive, and civilian product application and services leader.

The company will create and provide patented solutions in the following areas:

  • Innovative Li-ion battery protection systems for vehicles and aircraft
  • Advanced light-weight aircraft and automotive components and armor
  • Transitioning these products to the military and aerospace domains
  • Improvements in safety, reliability, usability and, most importantly, survivability

Consulting and engineering services will include:

  • Systems, software engineering and cybersecurity
  • Full life-cycle product and systems development
  • Ensure innovations meet the required level of manufacturing, technical readiness, and established test specifications

The Commander Innovations team has developed capabilities and products that are generating revenue or are revenue ready. The Li-ion battery protection systems can generate millions in revenue and is being considered by major manufacturers and the DOD. The company intellectual property includes trademarks, copyrights, and patent filings.

Commander Innovations has a track record of innovative solutions, product sales, and an eye for tomorrow’s technology, developed today. Simply put, the company’s wizards create life-saving lightweight products leading to new revenue streams.

The Market – According to aerospace, military, electric vehicle, and state/local government police budgets, the relevant safety and security global product market is expected to be worth US$10B by year end 2018. The global market is expected to record a CAGR of 15% (2017 to 2020). Increased use of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles, other renewable energy battery storage, and their transport is only limited by the potential hazards associated with Li-ion technology.  Up-armor applications for military and civilian usage is growing at a similar rate in order to protect our troops and police with effective light weight solutions.  These are the advanced products and capabilities associated with Commander Innovations manufacturing and services.

Our Offerings (1) Li-Ion protection systems, (2) Advanced hybrid lightweight composite armor, (3) Commander cyber-security protocols, (4) Fireproof coating and energy absorbing materials.

Key Success Factors – (1) continued adoption of COMMANDER INNOVATIONS technology product solutions, (2) proper capitalization, (3) identifying key leadership & sales team, (4) expanding brand awareness, (5) increasing market penetration.

Exit Strategies – (1) P&I with balloon in 36 months, (2) strategic partnership with, or outright sale to a related US or global provider or competitor, (3) pro rata distribution of profits (20% discount on Series A priced round, (4) direct, alternative or initial public offering to provide liquidity and extend the COMMANDER INNOVATIONS brand worldwide.